Here, we shall post materials related to scientific talks and discussions.

  • In general discussion Wednesday Sept 3, Lilia Boeri asked if anyone had calculated RPA pairing for 3-band CuO2 model. This was done 1st by Peter Littlewood, Phys. Rev. B 42, 10075 (1990).

  • Regarding Luca de' Medici's talk on Tue 10/7, these results are put in perspective in "Weak and strong correlations in Iron superconductors"a chapter for the book "Iron-based superconductivity", edited by W. Yin and G. Xu (BNL) for Springer (out Nov.'14) that cannot be put on the ArXiv unfortunately. But it can be diffused informally in draft form, so here is the link

  • Reference article about "emergent nesting" for discussion topic on Wednesday, Oct. 29: Pairing Symmetry in Iron Superconductors at Large U & U', by Jose Rodriguez.

  • A reference pertaining to the discussion by Qimiao Si on superconductivity in iron-based systems with only electron Fermi pockets and, more generally, superconductivity in bad metals at the border of electron localization and itinerancy: