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Elihu Abrahams

Condensed matter theory - cuprates, heavy fermions, superconductivity, non Fermi liquid physics, quantum criticality. Adjunct Professor at UCLA.

John Berlinsky

I am a condensed matter physicist.

Lilia Boeri

I am a condensed matter theorist interested in electronic structure and superconductivity (FeSC and conventional superconductors); I am an Assistant Professor at the Technical University Graz (Austria).

Piers Coleman

I'm a condensed matter theorist, based at the Center for Materials Theory, Rutgers University, interested in strongly correlated superconductors, novel, hidden and topological forms of order and quantum criticality in both metals and insulators. Right now, I'm particularly interested in heavy fermion and iron based superconductors. I am interested in the possibility of orbitally entangled "orbital triplet" paired states in the iron-based superconductors, which offers an alternative route to s+- pairing.

Leonardo Degiorgi

I am a condensed matter experimentalist, performing optical spectroscopy investigations with techniques covering a vast energy spectral range (FIR-UV). I am interested in various so-called correlated materials, including novel superconductors and low-dimensional systems. My laboratory is at ETH Zürich Switzerland.

Luca de' Medici

I am a condensed matter theorist, interested in many body systems in general and strongly correlated materials in particular. Iron-based superconductors are prominent among my most recent interests. I work at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility in Grenoble and at ESPCI in Paris.

Laura Fanfarillo

I am a condensed matter theorist. I'm interested in theoretical problems connected to the physics of strongly correlated electron systems, in particular cuprates and pnictides High-Tc superconductors; I am nowadays in Madrid as Post Doc at the Department of Theory and Simulation of Materials of the ICMM-CSIC.

Rafael Fernandes

I am a condensed matter theorist. I'm interested in the normal and superconducting states of iron-based and copper-based superconductors, in transport properties of strongly correlated systems, and in the interplay between disorder and quantum criticality. I work at the University of Minnesota.

Eduardo Fradkin

I am a participant. I am a condensed matter theorist from the University of Illinois (Urbana). I am interested in high Tc superconductors, topological phases of matter, quantum Hall fluids and quantum criticality.

Peter Hirschfeld

I am a condensed matter theorist interested in superconductivity (mostly in FeSC and cuprates)
and correlated electron systems at U. Florida.

Greg Huber

I am a biophysicist and a Deputy Director at the KITP

Wei-Cheng Lee

I am a condensed matter theorist. I have been interested in physics involving orbital degrees of freedom in correlated materials, and recently I am focused on effects of Umklapp scattering and long range Coulomb interaction on the unconventional superconductivity. I work at Binghamton University - SUNY.

Thomas Maier

I'm a condensed matter theorist from Oak Ridge National Lab. I'm interested in strongly correlated electron systems and unconventional superconductors, in particular cuprates and Fe-based systems.

Saurabh Maiti

I am a Condensed Matter theorist interested in high Tc superconductors (Cuprates and Fe-based materials in particular), and strongly correlated electronic systems. I am a participant from Univ. of Florida, Gainesville. (Dirac Postdoctoral Fellow at National High Magnetic Field Lab.)

Andriy Nevidomskyy
I am a theorist working on strong electron correlations and unconventional superconductivity, in particular as pertains to iron-based superconductors and heavy fermion materials. I am also interested in the strongly frustrated spin systems and their connection to lattice gauge theories and topological phases. I work at Rice University.

Catherine Pépin
My area of expertise is quantum criticality with an emphasis on heavy fermions and recently cuprate superconductors (charge order in the pseudo gap phase). I am working at the Institut de Physique Théorique, CEA-Saclay, near Paris.

Jose Rodriguez

I am a condensed matter theorist. Lately, I have been focusing on numerical exact diagonalization of models for iron superconductors that include electron correlation effects. I am a Professor at CSU Los Angeles.

Qimiao Si

I am a condensed matter theorist based in Houston, working at Rice University. I am at the present time mostly working on the correlated electron aspects of the iron-based superconductors, quantum criticality and non-Fermi liquid, and heavy fermion physics.

Oskar Vafek

I work on problems in condensed matter theory at Florida State University and National High Magnetic field lab. My recent projects include cuprate and Fe-based high temperature superconductors, graphene, topological insulators, and electronic multi-criticality in 2D quadratic band touching systems.